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Our Salt Lake City injury lawyers help you fight for the compensation you need after a car crash. Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn are experienced auto accident injury lawyers with deep knowledge of personal injury and car crash injury law. Case consultations are always free.

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$2.95 Million Settlement for Man Injured in Distracted Driving Auto Accident

Net to Client: $1,750,281.94 | Expenses: $19,718.06 | Attorneys Fees: $1,180,000

McMinn Law Firm settled a case for a passenger in a school bus who was injured at the hands of a distracted driver. While traveling on a frontage road, a commercial pickup truck rear-ended a school bus causing it to roll over. During investigation, McMinn Law Firm found that at the time of the crash the truck driver made a phone call.

Our client suffered severe injuries to the spine and had to spend 10 days in the ER before he could be discharged to a rehab center. But in this settlement, the client of McMinn Law Firm received significant funds toward care of injuries sustained in the crash. Read more about this case and other client results.

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Client satisfaction is a top priority at McMinn Law Firm. Attorneys Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn, and Jimmy Feigen fight tenaciously for results for clients. While many cases settle out of court, if a jury trial appears necessary for compensation, we do not hesitate to argue the case in court.

How clients feel about their case with McMinn Law Firm is very important. Every case, and every client is important. That’s why we go the extra mile and make ourselves directly available to every client.

Car accident injury clients share their experiences on Google Review or other review sites. Through hard work and experience, we have achieved a nearly 5-star average rating on Google. See our Google Reviews for yourself. Read more reviews of McMinn Law Firm from across the web.

Salt Lake City Car Accident Injury Cases: Overview

Car accidents that result in injury may also initiate a lawsuit. In car accident injury case, typically one person or a group has been injured by a negligent driver. An injured person then files a claim with the negligent party’s insurance policy. The primary purpose of the claim is to prove fault and liability in order to recover money to pay for medical expenses.

When people find themselves in the middle of insurance adjusters, rising medical expenses, and pain from injury they often seek out the legal help of an attorney.

In a car accident injury case, lawyers and insurance adjusters use circumstances in the crash to illustrate fault in a crash. Negotiations between the two parties — a lawyer representing an injured person and the insurance adjuster — will result either in a settlement or a case that goes to court for a verdict.

During a car accident injury case, an attorney investigates the case, proves fault to insurance adjusters, typically files a lawsuit, and demands a settlement on behalf of the client. Read more about how personal injury cases work.

Types of car accident cases may include:

What clients should know about car accident injuries and treatment

Car crashes often cause pain and discomfort. A study published in the Journal of Transport and Health found that health-related quality of life reduced for a majority of people, 59%, following a car accident. Researchers found that those injured in car crashes reported more long-term problems after the crash than bicyclists who sustained similar traffic injuries. For these participants, injuries to the leg were most common. Trauma to the legs, neck, back, and head can all hurt for months, or a lifetime after an auto accident. Even those injuries you can’t see, anxiety and depression, are commonly reported.

Pain and discomfort should not go untreated – if you are experiencing injury from a car accident, get help today. Not sure where to start? Call your primary care provider or visit a local emergency health clinic. Don’t wait to get treatment.

Whiplash Injuries After a Car Accident

Rear impact crashes have long been known to cause long term injury. Even low speed crashes at 5 miles per hour can cause injuries lasting more than a month, so says a study conducted by Folksam Research and Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Their car accident research also found that women were at higher risk for whiplash injury symptoms.

Definition of negligence: Negligence is defined as “A failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances.” In many cases, the careless can can be something the person acted on (such as driving and eating) but in other situations it could be the omission of care, such as failure to get a brake inspected in a timely manner. In general, if the burden of taking a precaution is less than the probability of injury multiplied by the gravity of the injury, then the possible defendant may have some liability.

Comparative fault: This is also often called “comparative negligence.” It’s when two or more parties share a portion of fault in the crash. For clients, this may come up if the insurance adjuster tries to claim that they were also at fault. Say the at-fault driver made an unsafe unprotected left turn. The insurance adjuster could try to say that it resulted in a crash because the client sped into the intersection. Adjusters will try to do this because it will limit the amount of damages they are responsible for.

Read more about negligencegross negligence, and reasonable care from lawyers Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn.

How do settlements for car accidents work?

Settlements are a result of filing an insurance claim, and getting repaid for losses incurred in a personal injury accident. Once a claim is filed, the settlement process can begin. Fortunately, if you hire a lawyer to represent and advocate for you, much of the paperwork, bills, and legal work shifts away from you and to your lawyer. Car accident cases will either settle (with a monetary agreement) or go to court where a jury will help determine the outcome of the case.

Preparing for a Free Case Eval with a Salt Lake City Auto accident Attorney

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of a free case evaluation with a lawyer, we have tips. First, there’s no need to stress about sorting out all the details before you meet with a lawyer. If you decide to hire the legal team they will conduct the case investigation.
Here are the items that only the client can provide:

  • Photos from the crash
  • Personal injury journal describing feelings and symptoms following the accident
  • Car insurance and health insurance information

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